Apple Inc. Invites Br. Dennis to be a Resource Speaker

Last 19 August 2013, Apple South Asia invited Br. Dennis Magbanua FSC to be their main resource person in one of their workshops. Br. Dennis is currently the president of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (CSB) but was chosen as a resource speaker based on his work as the president of De La Salle Santiago Zobel School (DLSZ) and its mLearning program.

The technology-enhanced curriculum led to the development of DLSZ’s teacher training, instructional design, classroom management, home-school collaboration, cost of the mobile learning devices, research, physical facilities and networking/internet access, for today’s technology driven learner.

School administrators and teachers from over 35 schools from across South attended the Apple South Asia workshop. Br. Dennis’ talk revolved around comprehensive sharing on iPad deployment in schools. The talk included a Skype conversation with a class from DLSZ.

With Apple using DLSZ as a model in the use of tablet in classroom instruction, this marks a historic moment, not only for DLSZ but also for the entire De La Salle Philippines.