Vocation Road Tour: Bacolod

Last 26-28 June, Br. Alex Diaz FSC was here in Bacolod City for his Vocation Road Tour. The tour consisted of visiting the different La Salle schools present in the Philippine Sector. Its purpose is to promote the De La Salle Brothers vocation. On his first day, he had a talk at the Gallaga Theater with USLS-IS High School students from the IS Acolytes, the Search-In Core group, and the Student Affairs Council. He shared about his vocation, what it feels like to be a Brother and how he was able to respond to God’s call.

In the afternoon he had a question and answer forum with two selected Grade 11 classes. He also interacted with some selected high school students through the Brew with Bro at the High School Campus Ministry Office. There, he was able to answer questions about the Brothers, which were formed from the curious minds of the young boys who wanted to know more. He also talked about his different experiences as a brother, the steps he took to become a brother, his main ministry work as the National Vocations Promoter, and many other things, hoping to inspire some of the boys present.

In the evening, Br. Alex had a meeting with the Bacolod BACon (Brothers, Aspirants, and Contacts) about his plans and goals in promoting vocations for this year and the following years. True to its famous hospitality, the dinner was hosted by the Vocations Ministry Office at the Moon Café, a Mexican inspired restaurant. After having dinner and sharing stories, the group went to another famous culinary spot, the Calea for dessert.

On the Second day, Br. Alex had a talk with College students from selected RS classes in the morning and in the afternoon. There was also a lunch meeting at the Ledesma Boardroom with the Local Vocation Team (LVT). After Br. Alex’s talk in the afternoon, he went to the Bacolod Brother’s house to again have Brew with Bro with 20 selected College students and Faculty from the IS. There, the students and faculty interacted with the brothers while having a small merienda.

On the third day Br. Alex went to St. Joseph School-La Salle to meet with the newly formed Local Vocation Team and also had conversations with the students.

Last 29 June, for the first time in the Philippine history, the Sector reached fifty Filipino brothers. And hopefully with Br. Alex at the helm and the Vocation Road Tours, fifty is just the beginning. Truly, the Vocation Road Tour serves as an instrument that will help us start to respond to God’s call. It is a chance to consider another option in life and to choose what we really want to do, to be the person we want to be or to be the person that God intended us to be. Let us all help each other in promoting vocations and continue to live Jesus in our hearts forever.

—By Emmanuel John Paul Locsin