Zero Extreme Poverty PH 2030


The Zero Extreme Poverty PH 2030 (ZEP) is a movement that has a radical aim: the reduction of the extreme poverty from the lives of millions of Filipinos by the year 2030.

ZEP is a collective movement that is fuelled by 17 civil society organizations that were all ignited by reflections and realizations from a Poverty Summit in 2015. The movement that is a coalition that is dedicated to work for the realization of a “Philippines where every Filipino enjoys the necessary goods that define and sustain human dignity, life, security, and engaged citizenship.

Eight themes have been identified for the plans: Health; Education; Environment; Livelihood and Employment; Agriculture and Fisheries; Housing and Shelter; Peace and Human Security; and Social Justice. These are the thematic areas in which ZEP will operate with focused yet multi-sectoral actions to eradicate specific dimensions of poverty and inequality.