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343 Ortigas Avenue
Mandaluyong City, NCR

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De La Salle Philippines is a network of Lasallians in the Sector of the Philippines established to facilitate collaboration in the Lasallian Mission and the promotion of the spirit of faith, zeal for service and communion in mission that together, are at the heart of the journey of our Founder, John Baptist de La Salle.

De La Salle Philippines is committed to building up educational communities that demonstrate commitment to young people, especially those who are poor, by providing them with access to a human and Christian education that enables them to participate in the transformation of society.





READING— Luke 18:1-8

Jesus told his disciples a parable about the necessity for them to pray always without becoming weary.


Commitment is an important characteristic of Christian prayer. In the parable of today, the woman shows this commitment in her audacity to ask the judge to render a decision. This audacity – this confidence and boldness – to ask from God is a characteristic that Jesus invites us to emulate. Jesus invites us to consider our inner dispositions today when we pray. Evidently, there is on one hand, a kind of wishful thinking or passivity that can characterize some of our praying. Committed praying is borne not simply out of a recognition of a need that we are asking God to fill for us. Committed praying is born rather out of a vision of what we are convinced will procure goodness and well-being for ourselves and others. In our work with young people, we are similarly invited to keep praying for our students. Our prayer will be committed and persevering if our praying is born out of a desire to seek and accomplish what is for the good of those entrusted to our care. When was the last time you prayed for the young people in your school? 


Caring Father, thank You for these young children who are so precious to You. Help them to overcome the difficulties they find in school. Break down the barriers that are keeping them from understanding their work. Clear their minds so they can concentrate on their work to the best of their abilities. Give me wisdom and patience and understanding so I may lead them forward. Help me to praise them at every opportunity that they may feel confident in my concern and so move forward with an enquiring mind. When they get on my nerves, help me realize that this is a small price to pay for their presence. AMEN.


From De La Salle’s Meditation 198

Guardian Angels, being very enlightened and knowing the good as it is, it is through them that God makes known this good…This was symbolized by the ladder which Jacob saw in a dream when he was going to Mesopotamia. Angels were going up and coming down the ladder. They were going up to God to make known to him the needs of those for whom he made them responsible and to receive his orders for them. They were coming down to teach those whom they were guiding the will of God concerning their salvation. 

You must do the same thing for the children entrusted to your care. It is your duty to go up to God everyday by prayer to learn from him all that you must teach your children, and then to come down to them by accommodating yourself to their level in order to instruct them about what God has communicated to you for them.