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De La Salle Philippines is a network of Lasallians in the Sector of the Philippines established to facilitate collaboration in the Lasallian Mission and the promotion of the spirit of faith, zeal for service and communion in mission that together, are at the heart of the journey of our Founder, John Baptist de La Salle.

De La Salle Philippines is committed to building up educational communities that demonstrate commitment to young people, especially those who are poor, by providing them with access to a human and Christian education that enables them to participate in the transformation of society.


Welcome to the news page of the De La Salle Philippines. Feel free to browse the news and updates on the recent posts.

Lord, Heal our Land : A summon to prayer and action from the CBCP

Marc Gepaya

Dear Brothers and Partners, 

We share with you the Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), Lord, Heal Our Land. We enjoin your communities to heed the call of our pastors to pray for the healing of our nation.  Let us mourn for the poor and powerless who have fallen victim to the relentless killings, violence and impunity that have marked our nation’s search for well-being.  Let us pray for the comfortable and the fearful, who have succumbed to indifference and apathy. 

Through whatever means that is appropriate to your community, let us express our solidarity with the Church, by observing the forty days of prayer from September 23 to November 1.   In our contemplation of these mysteries we live, may the consciousness we seek be ours and may our grieving bear fruit in acts of courage and compassion. 




CBCP Pastoral - Lord Heal Our Land-1.jpg
CBCP Pastoral - Lord Heal Our Land-2.jpg

KEEPING VIGIL OVER OUR NATION’S FUTURE: A Call to Radical Mourning For the Loss of Our Vision

Marc Gepaya


KEEPING VIGIL OVER OUR NATION’S FUTURE: A Call to Radical Mourning For the Loss of Our Vision

Dear Lasallians,

I am inviting you to raise our voices in silent protest over the deaths that have gone unmourned since our government undertook its efforts to eradicate the menace of illegal drugs from our communities.

We mourn for those who have lost their lives on mere suspicion of being drug addicts and drug pushers. We mourn for those who, because they are too poor and too afraid, cannot fight for their right to life and due process. We mourn for those whose lives have been reduced to statistics and who are now mere proofs to demonstrate the power of those in authority to procure for us, through whatever means, their twisted vision of an orderly society.

We mourn for the loss of our rights when we allow the police to enter our homes without warrants of arrest. We are slowly witnessing an order where we are being seduced to secede to those in authority our basic rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. The promise of peace and order and well-being is a sham for what this usurpation of our rights has obtained for us is nothing but fear.

We mourn for ourselves, when we allow our vision for our nation to grow dim. When, because of our exasperation with the long march to authentic freedom, have allowed ourselves to be seduced by quick results. Authentic transformation cannot be the result of handing over to one entity, our responsibility to create the kinds of communities we long to see. If we truly desire peace and well-being in our communities, we must see ourselves as its principal authors. Let us, in our mourning, re-affirm our right and our responsibility to be the agents of the change we want to see.

I enjoin you all to keep vigil then over our nation’s future. Let us offer a minute of silence every 8:24 pm (or 8:24 am during school days) in our communities as we mourn the many deaths that have befallen our nation. In our communities, let us create a wave of awareness over the need to guard our basic rights and freedoms.

Let us courageously re-affirm our conviction in our identity as a people of power – as a people who can create and will what is good for our country. Let us stand side-by-side again so that we will not have to live in fear. Let us refuse to bequeath to our children a nation deprived of a vision of its better self.

Br. Jose Mari Jimenez FSC
Auxiliary Visitor, Lasallian East Asia District

OAVC-1718-016_Keeping Vigil Over our Nation's Future.jpg

Appointment of Br. Armin Luistro FSC as De La Salle Philippines President

Marc Gepaya

03 July 2017

Dear Fellow Lasallians,


It is with great pleasure that we, the members of the National Mission Council of De La Salle Philippines (DLSP) welcome back Br. Armin Luistro FSC to DLSP with his appointment as President effective 01 July 2017. Br. Armin will be completing Br. Jose Mari Jimenez FSC’s (Br. JJ) unexpired term as DLSP President until March 2020.

Br. Armin brings with him a wealth of experience as a leader: from 1997 to 2004, he served as the Visitor of the De La Salle Brothers Philippine District; in 2005 he was our first DLSP Network President, when DLSP was still in its incipient phase; and more recently, he ended his appointment as Education Secretary under the administration of President Benigno Aquino III being one of the proponents of the administration’s major education program, the K to 12 Basic Education Program. 

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank Br. JJ for his service as our DLSP Network President for the last five years, from 2012 to 2017.  He will remain a member of the National Mission Council, and will focus on his work as the Auxiliary Visitor for Strategic Planning and District Development of the Lasallian East Asia District (LEAD).

Let us give our unwavering support to both Brs. Armin and JJ in their respective tasks for the Lasallian Mission in the Philippines and in LEAD.

Thank you.

In St. La Salle,

Br. Jose Pardo, AFSC
Co-chair, National Mission Council

Br. Paul Kok Chee Ho FSC
Co-chair, National Mission Council